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Live from Los Angeles: Month Two

IMG_0363SMSo, March was a huge month.  Op top of working a bunch of big shows, and the chance of getting involved in a couple of smaller grass roots musicals, my nephew came into the world on the 27th.  Huge congratulations and lots of love to Josh and Jen, They have a beautiful baby boy who I’m sure will be spoiled fantastically by family and friends.

It’s started off as another big month, Ron Perlman is wearing two hats as both a show-runner and lead on a series called “Hand of God,” being produced by Amazon.  The pilot is currently filming downtown, I’m glad to say I got to work on it so early.  It looks to be a fantastic production.


For now, I’ve got some pet projects in the works, I figure I can drop names in a little while to help keep me motivated for later.  I’ve decided that in lieu of writing in continuity, I’m going to finish writing a pitch piece of a series I’ve had in the hole for a few years under a working title of “Smooth Operators”, with the hopes of pulling a small team together to get it shot, It’s small scale, not huge in length, an easy piece to chew on while other projects are slow-burning in the background.  With two other plays, and a larger project running in the background, It’ll be nice just to get a piece of writing finished to let others have a look, and possibly to move forward with.  I’ve also managed to get out and about to a few auditions, there are some really fantastic theater companies around pasadena, I’d be glad to get a chance to work with some of them.


The “Wait Staff” a short film being produced by Christina Russo will begin filming on the 26th of this month, which means another big leap forward, and SAG eligibility for yours truly.  I don’t expect to sit on that laurel for very long, but it’s progress nonetheless.

Keep your eyes over here for more progress as the projects keep rolling on, and thanks for stopping by!


Live from Los Angeles: Month One


So, I’ve been off the grid for a little while, Life has been pretty busy since the move.

The first month in LA has been great.  After an 8 hour drive, and some awesome cardio getting all of my stuff up two flights of stairs, I’m all settled in.  My kitchen is getting some use; I’m cooking a lot more than I used to, which is good (fiscally), even if I could stand to cook better food than I do.  Granted, It’s not all finished and furnished; there’s a makeshift couch and dinner table, and a large cardboard box functioning as a TV stand for the moment.  The important thing is that I have everything I need to start working, which I have been doing quite a bit.


If you watch Scandal, Revenge, or (wait for it) N.C.I.S., there’s a good chance you’ll see me on your TV screen in the next 6 months.  Nothing huge or career-making, but getting paid for good solid work.  In addition I’ve worked on two Independent features, and I’m slated to star in a third shooting early April, which, if all goes according to plan, will kick off my SAG Eligibility.  Now, there’s going to be a great number of people with questions about union membership, but, lets just throw out there that it is incredibly complicated, and there are decisions left to be made.  For now, I’m thankful for Central Casting, and for everyone who’s helped me get started down here.  I know some people have mixed feelings about Central, but there’s something that they’ve done for me that has been fantastic.  They haven’t paid me a million bucks or gotten my name in lights; they don’t really do that for anyone, but they’ve gotten me on location working with people I admire, which was an odd transition in my mind.


A television actor I watched in a show years ago was suddenly giving me direction for a scene.  Then, not long after, being on set and seeing an actor who has spend 10 years perfecting a character for one single show I’ve enjoyed walked up and said “good morning” to me.  It’s about being near people who aren’t just trying to make it, but are making it work.  Without the equivocation of “I’m an actor, yeah I know…”  It’s invigorating.

Now, I had to take a step back this morning, and evaluate the whole board to make sure I’m heading where I want to, but so far, things are promising.  I have a roof over my head, a place to think and create, and the resources to do so.

So, that’s my first month. I’ll try and crank one of these out every 30, but who knows what’ll happen in the meantime.

Hopefully big things will fall my direction. Until then.




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